Torneo di D&D 5° Edizione


Buongiorno a tutti. Questo post è per sponsorizzare un evento gderristico nella nostra cara e vecchia Genova.

Come da titolo, ci sarà un torneo di D&D presso: Zughemmo Ludocafè – Via Faliero Vezzani 242R, 16159 Genova

Se pensate di essere all’altezza, formate un gruppo di avventurieri e presentatevi sabato 3 giugno!

Cliccate sulla locandina per il link diretto dell’evento



Genova EXPO Model Show


EXPO Model ShowCiao ragazzi.

Questo post è per informarvi che la cripta sarà presente alla fiera EXPO Model Show 2015 di Genova con il banco di Confine Nord. I giorni interessati sono il 5/6 dicembre e saremo, come al solito, nell’area autoproduzione.

Vi attendiamo per sessione dimostrative di Confine Nord (sia gdr che gioco da tavolo)

Qui il link del sito


Conan il barbaro by La Modiphius


Signori, per chi ama come me il cimmero più enorme di tutti i tempi, vi suggerisco di leggere qua sotto…. ok è in inglese ma per il vecchio conan si può fare uno sforzo no?

Cito come al solito il sito di riferimento che potete trovare qua


Modiphius Entertainment announces the definitive sword & sorcery roleplaying game

KNOW, oh prince, that between the years when the oceans drank Atlantis and the gleaming cities, and the years of the rise of the Sons of Aryas, there was an Age undreamed of….

Modiphius is proud to announce a licensing deal with Conan Properties to publish Robert E. Howard’s CONAN Adventures In An Age Undreamed Of. This is CONAN roleplaying as Robert E. Howard wrote it – savage pulp adventure battling ancient horrors in the Hyborian Age! We plan to bring the game right back to its roots, focusing on the original stories by Robert E. Howard.

Modiphius has scored a leading team of Hyborian Age scribes to chronicle these adventures including Timothy Brown (designer of the Dark Sun setting for Dungeons & Dragons), award-winning Robert E. Howard scholar and essayist Jeffrey Shanks (Conan Meets the Academy, REH: Two-Gun Raconteur, Critical Insights: Pulp Fiction, The Dark Man: The Journal of REH Studies, Zombies from the Pulps!), Jason Durall (Basic Roleplaying, Serenity, The Laundry), Mark Finn (Blood and Thunder: The Life and Art of Robert E. Howard, The Barbaric Triumph, The Dark Man: The Journal of REH Studies), Vincent Darlage (Conan d20, Member of the Robert E. Howard United Press Association), Chris Lites (Paizo, Savage Worlds, Omni, Slate), and many more to be announced.

Players and GM’s alike will feel the might of the 2d20 game system, the cinematic roleplaying rules devised by Jay Little (Star Wars: Edge of the Empire) for Mutant Chronicles, and sharpened up for intense sword and sorcery action. The 2d20 system lets players experience the true pulp adventure of the CONAN stories.

Howard expert Jeffrey Shanks will approve all content, ensuring it remains true to the spirit of the source material and brings the Hyborian Age to life. World-famous CONAN artist Sanjulian (Conan Ace Paperbacks, Vampirella, Eerie, Creepy) has been commissioned, as well as Carl Critchlow (Batman/Judge Dredd, Anderson: Psi Division). Joining them are other CONAN greats such as Mark Schultz (The Coming of Conan, Xenozoic Tales, Prince Valiant), Tim Truman (Dark Horse Conan, Grimjack, Jonah Hex), Phroilan Gardner (Age of Conan, World of Warcraft), Alex Horley (Blizzard, Heavy Metal, Magic: The Gathering) and many more.

Modiphius is working with other Conan Properties licensing partners including Monolith Board Games, creator of the hit CONAN boardgame which has surpassed $2 million on Kickstarter, and Funcom, creator of the long-running, free-to-play, MMO Age of Conan. Modiphius plans some select supplements including missions designed for the Monolith boardgame, as well as floorplan tile sets allowing you to use Conan miniatures in your roleplaying adventures!

Modiphius is already working on the roleplaying corebook for Robert E. Howard’s CONAN Adventures In An Age Undreamed Of to be released this Fall. A Kickstarter is planned for the summer to fund a larger range of roleplaying supplements, campaigns, and accessories to follow the core book.

Ho, Dog Brothers and Sword Sisters! Don your mail, hone your blade, and pray to whatever fickle gods might listen. Harken to the sound of clanging steel, cries of battle, and death curses spat from bloody, frothing lips! Tread the jeweled thrones of the earth or die in towers of spider-haunted mystery. Crom cares not!

What Can You Expect?

Our vision of CONAN will reveal itself through regular blog updates from our design and development team. Insight from CONAN scholar Jeff Shanks will highlight our Howard-centric approach to this edition of the roleplaying game.

A host of much-loved CONAN artists are already on board, with many more to be announced. The fruits of their labours will appear on this site including the planned cover art and the official logo for the new game.

Re-interpreted for an exotic sword and sorcery experience, our 2d20 system spotlights just how vile, dangerous, and costly magic is for those who wish to tread the path…

Walk through our unique approach to exploring CONAN’s Hyborian Age with the announcements of planned releases.

Be ready for our Playtesting announcement, so you may contribute to the shaping of our vision this spring.

An official forum launches soon. Your voice, opinion, and hopes for future products will be heard.

Unveiling some of the epic storylines to come, our team of talented writers is eager to share their ideas with you.